Don’t Drive Me Crazy: Features to Ensure Self-Driving Car Safety

In recent years, the self-driving car industry has made a huge leap toward a driverless future with Israeli startups such […]

20 Methods to Test Your MVP

People come up with new, unique, and sometimes crazy business ideas every day, but before bringing them to life, it’s […]

How to Choose the Best Programming Language for Your Startup

“A good startup comes from a good idea.” That’s true, but it’s not the only factor. Even the brightest idea […]

5 Ways to Market Your Startup Before You Launch It

Simple but effective marketing tips and tricks to promote your startup before an official launch

10 Main Principles of a Great UI/UX Design

Every IT professional would agree that UI/UX design is not only about a fancy appearance. Whether you gain a new […]

45 Days of War: We Keep Working

The first month of the war conflict that has touched the hearts and minds of people all around the world […]

7 Fintech App Development Fields to Launch Your Business in 2022

Some of us still remember managing our bills, family budgets, and other monetary operations on paper. Today, that sounds like […]

How to Reduce Time to Market: 6 Tips and Tricks

Modern business is very similar to sports – only the fastest and the strongest win the day (and get multi-million […]

Custom Website or a Standard CMS: Which is Better for Your Business?

The one question every website launch or overhaul is guaranteed to struggle with is which to choose—a custom-made solution or […]

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