Kate Goldberg

How to Structure a Software Development Team

Tell me who is on your team, and I’ll tell you how far you will go. It’s no secret that […]

State of Blockchain in 2023: Perception, Fundraising and Adoption

Blockchain fatigue is real, with most people associating it solely with cryptocurrency and bad actors. However, it’s crucial to recognize […]

7 Proven Techniques to Monetize Your Free Mobile App

Do you have a fantastic idea for a mobile app that could be the next big thing, but you’re not […]

Business in Times of Crisis – The Intersog Way

It is sad but true: for all of us living through the 2020s, crisis is becoming our regular state of […]

The Match Made in Heaven: 9 Examples of Using AI in FinTech

Artificial intelligence has become omnipresent. It has penetrated into so many business fields that it’s hard to say if any […]

Top 10 Digital Health Trends to Watch in 2022

Fueled by both clients and providers, the healthcare market is expected to grow significantly next year. According to the HIMSS […]

Top 10 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2021

2020 was a life-changing year for many businesses. It showed us that we are living in a volatile, ever-changing environment, […]

How Startups Can Attract And Hire Top Tech Talent

Hiring programmers for a startup is not easy. You either loosen the purse strings to acquire the best of the best or volunteer your time on growing ninjas from interns. Learn how to do it without compromising on budget or quality.

Business in the Post-Covid Era: 17 In-demand Niches to Launch your Startup in

This article is an extract from our recent white paper ”IT Business in Times of Global Crisis: How to Hold Positions […]

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