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Web, mobile, & desktop apps testing
Web, mobile, & desktop apps testing
API testing
API testing
Server-side testing
Server-side testing

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Here are some perks that make our QA and testing services exceptional

Manual & Automated testing

Manual & Automated

Depending on your project specifics, our QA team will check the quality of both frontend and backend components, either manually or with specialized software

Real Device Testing

Real Device Testing

We have an extensive in-house park of the most popular user devices. We run your solution in genuine conditions to achieve the most accurate testing results

Hacker Check

Penetration Testing

We perform hacker check for applications that have exceptional security requirements, such as Fintech or CyberSec software

Test it as you wish it

We offer you an ultimate set of software quality assurance services so that you get a bug-free and user-friendly software solution

Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing
Evaluate how your software performs on different devices, operating systems, browsers, and platforms, as well as under various network conditions

Functional testing

Functional testing
Make sure that all the features look and work as they should, according to your app’s specifications

Build verification testing

Build verification testing
Ensure that the first build of your application is stable enough to run further testing and that all core functions are up and running

UI testing

UI testing
Determine if an application's UI is made in line with approved mockup and specs. We check layout, fonts, color palette, buttons, icons, and other visual elements

Update testing

Update testing
Protect your users from being adversely affected by a new version release. Make sure their data won’t be lost and the new functions are fully compatible with old ones

Interruption testing

Interruption testing
Check how your app copes with interruptions such as incoming phone calls, low battery, internet connection issues, and more

Our QA services in facts and figures


years in QA consulting and outsourcing


completed software testing projects


full-time QA professionals


real mobile and desktop devices to test your app on

Find out the costs

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Our Testing Roadmap

Our testers join your project in the early stages. This allows us to ensure that nothing in your product is overlooked and enables us to meet the highest quality requirements

QA roadmap

Estimation and planning

Our QA engineers analyze and validate the requirements before the development team proceeds to coding. All future QA activities, environments, types of testing, and assessment criteria are defined at this stage

Environment setup

Intersog specialists adjust devices, OS versions, and apps on which the testing process is run. All the test cases are checked on real gadgets with genuine software

Test execution

We prepare and run hundreds of test cases to make sure each feature works perfectly. Depending on the size, complexity, and special requirements of your project, we may run either a manual or an automated check

Test closure and reporting

We strive to keep our testing process clear and transparent. When wrapping up every sprint, we provide our customers with release notes describing our progress and applied changes

Our technology expertise

Espresso Android
Selenium WebDriver
Apache JMeter
Sauce Labs

What our partners say

  • Thanks to the creative and hard-working people of Intersog as well as their mobile development expertise, our app is beyond the cutting edge in terms of usability and UX.
  • Charles Butler MD
    Pioneering digital health implies a great responsibility to be only taken jointly with the most reliable partners. For us, Intersog is such a partner indeed; professionalism, enthusiasm and deep understanding of our values – all wrapped into one.
  • I’d definitely recommend Intersog as a reliable business partner!
    Jörg Strathaus
  • Communication with Intersog was great. Since I had some specific requirements, the offshore team was able to fully meet them.
    Eithan Weisbeker

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