How to Choose the Best Programming Language for Your Startup

“A good startup comes from a good idea.” That’s true, but it’s not the only factor. Even the brightest idea […]

5 Ways to Market Your Startup Before You Launch It

Simple but effective marketing tips and tricks to promote your startup before an official launch

Business in the Post-Covid Era: 17 In-demand Niches to Launch your Startup in

This article is an extract from our recent white paper ”IT Business in Times of Global Crisis: How to Hold Positions […]

Ultimate Guide to Evaluating Your Startup. Part 5: Market

Congrats! We’re on the final stretch now. Today, we wrap up our evaluation marathon, so if you’ve missed some earlier […]

How to Prepare Your Offline Business for the Next Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many offline businesses to close for quarantine. Unfortunately, many will remain closed forever. Now, when most […]

6 Platforms for Finding a Startup Co-Founder

There are many factors that can go into making a startup prosperous—for instance, market prerequisites, availability of the necessary funds, […]

Top 10 Myths About Entrepreneurship That Are No More Than Myths

Dozens of movies, series and success stories in mass media have created a vivid image of a typical startupper: young, […]

Ultimate Guide to Evaluating Your Startup. Part 4: Sales

Today, we might be approaching the most exciting part – the one where we finally get money. Even though business […]

Ultimate Guide to Evaluating Your Startup. Part 3: Marketing

Hi there! It’s been a long time since we published the last article in the series. We hope it has […]

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