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We can handle any project – literally any. Our expertise allows us to offer an exceptional technology stack that enables you to go beyond industry limitations

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We always move in-step with high-edge technologies to deliver trend-setting solutions. Leverage our expertise to achieve excellence at each stage of your product development

Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions

Build a secure, scalable, and globally manageable business environment and process data in the cloud

Mobile Development

Big Data

Collect, process, and analyze big data to get valuable business insights and make data-driven decisions

Custom Software Development


Leverage blockchain-based solutions to ensure ultimate security of transactions, scalability, and transparency

QA & Testing

Business Intelligence

Apply Intersog’s data warehousing, modeling, and visualization solutions to discover actionable recommendations for your business issues

UI/UX Design

Machine learning & AI

Employ self-taught predictive models to reach a top-notch user experience and pinpoint security

MVP Prototyping

Data Science

Transform terabytes of raw numbers into comprehensive models helping you grow your business in the most efficient way

QA & Testing


Develop magical virtual and augmented reality experiences to move your ROI, operations, and user engagement to the next level

UI/UX Design


Build connected IoT infrastructures for smart homes, autos, wearables, and custom devices

MVP Prototyping


Streamline software delivery and deployment processes, transform your business infrastructure and decrease your time to market

Industries we serve

Digital Marketing

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Awards and Recognition

Intersog’s specialists are masters in their field and have been recognized by the world’s leading IT researchers. Here are the most recent of our awards:

Top software development companies 2019 globally

Top 15 mobile app development companies 2018

Top 500 B2B companies in Ukraine 2018

Top IoT Development Companies 2018

Top IoT Developers 2017

Top Software Developer 2017

Top Custom Software Developer 2017

Top Wearable App Developer 2016

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