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Evaluate the potential of your idea to win the world with minimum business risks and resources involved. Our clients have already raised over $100M investment with proof-of-concept solutions crafted by Intersog

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Visual Design
Visual Design

Our design gurus will develop a clickable and fully interactive GUI for your project. Evaluate the look & feel of your future application, and test its core functionality

Core Feature Development
Core Features Development

Get a set of features that underlie your app’s practical value. This will give you better chances to attract venture capital and early adopters prior to the first release of your product

First Release Version
First Release Version

Give the world a chance to try your product out and admire it. We’ll develop a fully functional version of your app that will serve your customers’ needs and give you deeper insight into what to upgrade next

Next Release
Solutions for the Next Release

Make your application even more powerful and engaging based on first release data. Our specialist will integrate new features and functionalities that are fully compatible with the original version

Choose your prototype

Depending on your goals, we can develop prototypes with different levels of fidelity and detail



The most basic version is a series of digital sketches. Each sketch represents a different screen, and you can cycle through them to show the app’s flow. These prototypes don't contain styles or any branding elements. They help you think through the app's structure and are ideal during strategic planning.

Black and white prototype

Black and white digital prototype

We keep the design black and white so that you can focus on functionality rather than colors and images. These low-fidelity actionable prototypes take less time and investment than full-featured color models and are good for finalizing the app's UX.

High-fidelity prototype

High-fidelity digital prototype

This prototype looks like a real app. Even though it’s just images, most of the elements are clickable and actionable. It helps you get the truest sense of the UX before proceeding to coding. It is ideal for businesses that want to verify all the aspects of their future product before investing time and money in development.


Developing a prototype is an iterative process that involves several cycles of design and verification. Our designers work hand-in-hand with a PM and an Architect, so they have a full understanding of the client's business goals and technical constraints

mvp development process

Bring your solution to the next level!

A solid foundation for your business

Featuring a high-quality prototype gives your startup numerous advantages, helps to define the risks, and increases your chances of a successful launch

Check the usability

Check the usability

Define the most intuitive path for your users to interact with your product, and make it more useful and convenient based on this valuable insight

Minimize business risks

Minimize business risks

You can’t be 100% positive that your app is the next big thing without testing it under fire. An MVP will help you make an informed decision about whether it’s worth further development and investment

Attract some funds

Attract some funds

With a minimum viable product, you are more likely to receive decent investment and obtain your first paying customers

Awards and Recognition

Intersog’s specialists were recognized among top healthcare application and digital solutions developers by the leading research agencies


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What our partners say

  • Thanks to the creative and hard-working people of Intersog as well as their mobile development expertise, our app is beyond the cutting edge in terms of usability and UX.
  • Charles Butler MD
    Pioneering digital health implies a great responsibility to be only taken jointly with the most reliable partners. For us, Intersog is such a partner indeed; professionalism, enthusiasm and deep understanding of our values – all wrapped into one.
  • I’d definitely recommend Intersog as a reliable business partner!
    Jörg Strathaus
  • Communication with Intersog was great. Since I had some specific requirements, the offshore team was able to fully meet them.
    Eithan Weisbeker

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