Business in Times of Crisis – The Intersog Way

It is sad but true: for all of us living through the 2020s, crisis is becoming our regular state of […]

5 Ways to Market Your Startup Before You Launch It

Simple but effective marketing tips and tricks to promote your startup before an official launch

7 Fintech App Development Fields to Launch Your Business in 2022

Some of us still remember managing our bills, family budgets, and other monetary operations on paper. Today, that sounds like […]

7 Effective Ways to Reduce MVP Development Costs

Minimizing software development costs is always on a startup’s radar.  Among all lean startup management tricks, starting with a minimum […]

Not All About the Code: 7 Mobile App Development Costs, You May Have Overlooked

The first thing that comes to mind when considering an app development budget is the expense to pay the software […]

Cybersecurity in FinTech: Tips for Creating a Bulletproof Financial App

Developing secure financial software requires a significant investment of time and money. However, not caring about safety issues can cost […]

What is Clubhouse and How You Can Use It for Your Business

Have you heard about Clubhouse? Of course, you have – it’s everywhere! Since the beginning of 2021, the voice-based social […]

Business in the Post-Covid Era: 17 In-demand Niches to Launch your Startup in

This article is an extract from our recent white paper ”IT Business in Times of Global Crisis: How to Hold Positions […]

Remote Work Security Risks and 6 Tips on How to Avoid Them

The COVID-related lockdown has shown us that remote work can be effective and satisfying. However, even when well-managed, it can […]

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