Differences Between Functional and Object-Oriented Programming

A few weeks ago, we discussed one of the major developers’ holy wars – which is better: native or cross-platform […]

Riding the Technology Wave Together: 2023 Results Illustrated

Dive into the dynamic currents of Intersog’s 2023 business journey. This infographic is more than just numbers; it’s a visual […]

2022: The Year of Strength and Unity

This year was hard for Ukraine and for Intersog. So, this year’s recap will be a little bit different.

2021 – Intersog’s Happy Sweet 16

2021 was special for us – we’ve turned 16. Since Intersog originates from North America, we couldn’t help but turn […]

Year 2020: Look on the Bright Side

Time Magazine has declared 2020 the worst year in history. But was it? We at Intersog don’t think so. Undoubtedly, […]

Scary Tales of Programmers

Welcome Halloween – the only day in the year when scary tales come true! It turned out that software developers […]

Intersog Odyssey 2019

2020 is just around the corner! We’re continuing last year’s tradition and sharing our most valuable achievements with you. So, […]

Top 10 Myths About Entrepreneurship That Are No More Than Myths

Dozens of movies, series and success stories in mass media have created a vivid image of a typical startupper: young, […]

What If Programming Languages Were Game of Thrones Characters

Are you counting the days to the 8th season release? So are we! It seems like everyone in the office […]

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