How to Prepare Your Offline Business for the Next Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many offline businesses to close for quarantine. Unfortunately, many will remain closed forever. Now, when most […]

How Prototyping Helps to Make Better Digital Products

How can you ensure that your solution is viable for mass production? How can your investors try and evaluate it […]

The World After Corona: Covid-19 Effects on Global Economy and IT Sector

This article is an extract from our recent white paper ”IT Business in Times of Global Crisis: How to Hold […]

Top 3 Remote Team Management Challenges and Tips on How to Overcome Them

Remote is the new black these days. Companies from small startups to huge global corporations have adopted virtual teams as […]

Intersog vs. Lockdown: Month 1 Totals

It has been almost a month since the beginning of the lockdown. It’s hard to find a business not affected […]

Software in the Time of Plague: How Innovations Help Mitigate COVID-19 and Other Disease Outbreaks

Epidemics and highly contagious diseases are becoming a rising threat to humanity, challenging doctors, researchers, governmental decision-makers, and businesses. With […]

Freelancer, Full-time Developer, Software Development Company: Who is the Best Fit for Your Project?

Nowadays it is hard to imagine any kind of project that can be implemented without any IT components. However, the […]

16 Technology Trends of 2020 (or, the Nerdiest Game Ever)

So, it’s now twenties. We still haven’t gotten the hover boards, dehydrated pizzas and flying cars that we were promised […]

Intersog Odyssey 2019

2020 is just around the corner! We’re continuing last year’s tradition and sharing our most valuable achievements with you. So, […]

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