How Startups Can Attract And Hire Top Tech Talent

Being a startup owner (or planning to become one), you might have already realized how tough the competition is. A lingering product launch, running out of money, or simply having arguments within a team are the most common sticking points for any startup’s growth.

However, releasing poorly developed software and being unable to fix it can become a real headshot, ultimately putting an end to your future market domination.

Senior engineers: to hire or not to hire?

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Having a highly skilled team is a must for an innovative startup. Thus, many owners tend to invest their funds and efforts to hire as many “Ninja-Rockstar” developers as possible. But sometimes these developers behave like real rock stars: after having a great time together, they buzz off as soon as they receive an offer from someone larger.

2 reasons not to make senior developers your senior expenses:

  • Overpaying for tech talent will leave you no room for business development and marketing. And no great business has ever broken into an industry with lousy marketing.
  • Even if you have enough resources to retain a few tech gurus, the cold reality is that not so many gurus are eager to join a startup. Senior guys prefer to work for big companies or for their own startups.

What do seniors really want?

It’s worth noting that top developers are not bad guys. They are people who have spent years refining their skills, so they expect more from potential employers.

Stability, salary, and, often, an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with other senior developers are perks that many professionals demand. And quite a few small businesses can really offer them. Even in the heart of the startup nation, many would prefer Google as an employer.

Moreover, when working for an established company, employees have time to calm down and reflect, whereas being a part of a startup is like playing a superhero on a daily basis: you have to be ready for any thunder-clap, opponent’s or losing everything in a moment. Stress and burnout are the most frequent companions of such Tony Stark-type personalities.

Is it still worth trying to pick up top talent for your project? - Yes! But, just know that they'll think twice before taking the plunge.

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What about training your own ninjas?

Some experts suggest hiring junior software developers instead of seniors. Such employees are eager to learn and will treat your offer as a chance of a lifetime, rather than a “casual affair”.

Additionally, it’s worth remembering that all top 1% engineers were once juniors. So there’s always a remote chance that the next Mark Zuckerberg is now eating your pizza.

However, while this may be a win-win strategy for projects with very basic tech requirements, it can be a real disaster in case of a complex software solution that demands regular upgrades and flawless user experience.

Such projects require senior skills to ensure that end users get a proper product with minimum bugs. Thus, having at least business-critical tasks assigned to experienced coders is a must for tech startups that want to live long and prosper.


Outsourcing your development processes can be a perfect compromise between your business and development needs:

  • You get a highly skilled professional without blowing up your budget and worrying about losing people right before a release.
  • Your seniors are not separated from the professional community. They have various opportunities for on-the-job learning, professional networking, and knowledge sharing while remaining part of a successful global company.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about Intersog’s IT staffing solutions. We’re happy to introduce you to all the ways you can build your ideal software development team and boost your product’s growth.

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