8 Telltale Signs of a Killer Startup Idea

There's no special formula for building a successful startup. If anyone tells you there is, then they’re probably also trying to get you to buy their personal coaching service. Get rid of them asap.

However, there are still a few things you should do when coming up with what you believe is a great idea. First of all, ask yourself if it really is so yummy that customers and investors will camp out to get a piece of it.

The main problem here is that no one is 100% objective. We are all individuals with a unique set of tastes and preferences. And even if the idea sounds great to us, the market – which is not so individual – may not get it.

We’ve collected a few common features of good startup ideas to help you evaluate your plan.

good startup idea

There is much more that could be added to this list, but if you’ve checked off these 8 items, then you have a solid foundation on which to build your business (probably, as the magic formula still doesn't exist).

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