Love, Death & ChatGPT: Important Questions Answered by Robots

ChatGpt has recently became available in Ukraine. Of course our developers rushed to ask questions about the meaning of life, […]

15 Postcards to Say "I Love U" in Developerish

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (if you overslept it, this is your reminder) so you might be searching […]

What Monsters Would Programming Languages Be?

Halloween is just around the corner. Is your costume ready? Wait, let’s ask that a different way…. Have you prepared […]

Scary Tales of Programmers

Welcome Halloween – the only day in the year when scary tales come true! It turned out that software developers […]

What If Programming Languages Were Game of Thrones Characters

Are you counting the days to the 8th season release? So are we! It seems like everyone in the office […]

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