45 Days of War: We Keep Working

The first month of the war conflict that has touched the hearts and minds of people all around the world has come to a close. While our heroes gloriously protect the country from invaders, we, as Intersog, continue our mission...

We keep working.

Our team is far from the front line and is safe. Twenty-four of our teammates left the country during the first days of war. They settled in Poland, Moldova, Spain, France, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Israel, Cyprus, and Italy. Intersog is also helping our employees relocate to Canada and Mexico, where they can continue working from our offices.

Our office in Odesa has also returned to work and opened its doors for employees who miss office space. People are informed about local shelters and have everything they may need in stock.

“There's a bitter irony in this, but our pandemic experience has helped us to restore our operations in the shortest time possible. Our team already had the experience of working remotely, so after the first week—after we made sure all our people and their families were safe and sound and had everything they needed to feel protected—we started to restore our processes. As of today, our productivity is high, and we’re continuing delivery and hiring.”

K. Goldberg, COO

For us, it's important to continue our work not only because our clients rely on us but also because every functional business that pays taxes contributes to the economic stability of Ukraine. This helps the country supply our shops and pharmacies with vital products. So, by cooperating with us, you also support all Ukrainian people. And we thank all of our clients for being with us—for being with Ukraine—during these hard times.

“Our government has allowed local IT specialists to cut their taxes during the war, so I wrote to my colleagues to help them recalculate their taxes. Almost all of them answered that they want to pay the full amount to support the country. I love our people!”

M. Kazanovskaya, Acountant

Intersog donates to the Ukrainian army and local charities. In the beginning of March, we donated 500 000 UAH using our traditional method – the employees contributed the amount they were ready to share, and the company doubled the sum.

We help our compatriots not only with money but also with hands. Many of our teammates are volunteers. They help collect supplies, drive people to safety, and cook for army and people in need.

At the same time, our HR department supports the supporters, working day and night to make sure everyone gets the help he or she may need.

“We contact our employees every day to monitor their condition. Our mission is to make sure everyone is safe, physically and psychologically. We are always here to support them, no matter what they need – to talk, to get advice, to access any kind of supplies or help with relocation.”

M. Svitlyk, Head of HR

We believe in our victory and are working hard to support our people and our country.

We thank all of you who support us and stay with us despite all of the risks.

We are here for you.


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