10-Year Partnership with a World-Famous Information Services Vendor

Neustar, Inc. is a world-famous information services vendor formed on the foundation of Privacy by Design. By utilizing its unique, precise, and real-time identity system, Neustar helps its clients grow and promote their businesses with the deepest understanding of how to connect people, places, and things.
Partnership period
Partnership period
JavaScript(AJAX, jQuery), HTML5/CSS3, Java 6.0, Spring, Apache CXF, Apache POI, Velocity, iBatis/MyBatis, Apache CXF (JAX-WS), SnowFK,Guice, Aspect, Selenium, Spark, Hive, Redshift

The Product

Neustar’s PlatformOne (previously, Aggregate Knowledge) is a media intelligence platform that fuels marketing campaigns' performance with Neustar’s authoritative identity, giving you accurate and detailed insights into your audience.


The platform identifies and segments your prospects and builds a predictive purchase behavior model for them based on psychographic and demographic characteristics.

Using PlatformOne, you can:

  • Connect your client interactions from various platforms (e.g., Google, Facebook, Amazon) with Neustar’s unique identities, and develop a holistic profile of your customer.
  • Personalize your communication in both inbound and outbound marketing.
  • Obtain a comprehensive, real-time representation of your audience without compromising privacy.
  • Expand your reach and identify the most relevant campaigns, Placements, and audiences, and allocate media dollars more effectively, thus improving your ROI.

One of the platform’s most valuable benefits is its high speed of data processing and reporting, which practically allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns in real time.

Partnership Timeline

The partnership between Intersog and Aggregate Knowledge (later owned by Neustar) started in 2007 and lasted for almost a decade, thus making Neustar one of our most long-term clients.

The client’s objective was to improve their client service by making data processing more quick and effective, as well as to provide more accurate and comprehensive reports. To meet this objective, the management decided to build a proficient offshore software development team and manage it as an organic extension of the in-house one.

The cooperation powered the growth and development of both companies and helped them gain visibility in the market.

Here are some of the most important milestones of our partnership:


Our cooperation started with developing a new report manager and updating the legacy web application – both managed by the Aggregate Knowledge Discovery Engine. The new version of the app was built using the Spring WebFlow in conjunction with Hibernate, which, together, were utilized as a system ORM. The updated report manager was based on JasperReports, which resulted in improved speed and productivity.


The web application required a few massive updates. As a result, there was almost nothing left from the initial UI and functionality. With the help of AJAX, our software development team added more interactivity to the interface elements. The integration of Yahoo YUI, FlowChart, and Open Flash chart helped to change the report visualization entirely and make it more intuitive.

Since that time, Intersog has also been engaged in the update of Onsite and Ad Platform – two of the most valued AK tools. The key system architecture was transformed into an up-to-date modular structure.

Intersog also modified the database access level by implementing a modern iBatis/MyBatis technology. Utilization of the Apache CXF Framework helped make the app more time-relevant.

All of these radical transformations boosted the overall system’s productivity to 15000 TPS and decreased the time of reply to only 500ms.


The Intersog team took the lead on the development of processing systems and real-time reporting infrastructure.

We migrated the database from old MySQL to the newer and more powerful PostgreSQL. We also created a novel framework for building-up reports based on the SOA approach and the cluster architecture. The Truviso system played the role of a kernel.

We also introduced a robust Big Data system built on Java 6.0 along with the Spring Framework, Apache CXF, Apache POI, iBatis, and Velocity. This innovative Big Data system featured the unique ability to process gigabyte data arrays, as well as millions of events, daily.

We created a novel user interface tailored to manage and automate the AK system’s structure.

The new web app was based on the SnowFK framework with Guice and Aspect. The application's interface was built using HTML5/CSS3 combined with AJAX and jQuery.


An essential task for our QA engineers was to fully automate the testing of the web platform and AK infrastructure. It was successfully accomplished with the help of the Selenium framework.

2013 - 2017

In 2013, Neustar completed the acquisition of Aggregate Knowledge, turning AK Media Intelligence Platform into PlatformOne. The new company resumed and extended its cooperation with Intersog.

Along with ongoing infrastructure and analytics support and regular updates to the system, our team took part in upgrading the Big Data management system using Spark as well as Hive and RedShift data warehouse technologies.

Neustar Today

As of today, Neustar is a huge global service provider with over 2000 people onboard.

In 2017, Neustar was acquired for $33.50 per share in cash by a group led by Golden Gate Capital.


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