Comprehensive Platform for Entrepreneurs

Ureeka is a platform built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. They provide small businesses with the tools and resources they need to grow. They focus on two key areas: a quality website and an effective marketing strategy. With technology built to help optimize these two areas, small businesses have the competitive edge they need to succeed.
  • Backend: Google Cloud Platform, Firebase (Firestore, RTDB), serverless Node.js
  • Frontend: React.js, PWA iOS/Android, redux, HTML5/CSS3, SCSS, Webpack
  • Integrations: Twilio (SMS, Video), SendGrid, FCM(push notices), BigQuery, Cloud CDN, CloudStorage


Entrepreneurs have great ideas, but many of them may not have MBAs and the expertise to build and run a business. Thus, there's a strong need for specialized education to help startuppers make clever and informed business decisions.

Ureeka fills this gap with a constantly evolving ecosystem of proven programs, MBA-based business acumen, and a large business community.

Ureeka Platform

The Ureeka Platform connects businesses for mutual benefit. Young entrepreneurs can gain accelerated MBA skills while building and growing their businesses from idea to release. Personalized coaching, useful materials, and practical exercises help them obtain relevant industry-specific experience.

Platform features include:

  • Social networking with a community feed, groups (create your own), direct and group messaging, and promotions
  • Events and Webinars
  • Interactive Education
  • Live Support

Community portal

The community portal is a social aspect that enables the communication between members for mentorship and brainstorming. The community fuels learning and motivation and provides support to whoever may need it.


Ureeka’s story started just like many of their clients’ stories – the founders had the idea and the requirements for the future portal, but they lacked the tech expertise and the team to bring it to life.

When they reached out to Intersog, they were not looking for a remote team specifically. Their goal was to find quality resources; location was less relevant.

They selected Intersog for our deep expertise in the subject area, and they found that a dedicated team was easier to grow and manage. Additionally, the English language communication skills of our European and LatAm specialists is rather good.


Intersog currently provides +20 mixed multidisciplinary resources from in areas ranging from engineering to business and at levels from bachelor to Ph.D.

The today’s team includes:

  • Frontend & backend developers
  • iOS developer
  • Quality assurance specialists
  • Project & product managers
  • Data scientist
  • Customer satisfaction specialist

The Intersog team helped create and launch the platform from the scratch:

  • We developed the platform with all core functionalities.
  • We created separate modules like courses, chat, and growth center.
  • We made an iOS app so that the service is accessible on the go.
  • Our design team created a pleasant and modern look and feel.

We are involved in the full lifecycle from inception to product delivery and support.

From Ukraine to Mexico

Ureeka’s project is a good example of how our clients can benefit from Intersog having offices in multiple locations. During the time of our cooperation, the team moved from Ukraine to Mexico to facilitate communication and maintain a single time zone.

Ureeka today

Ureeka is a popular and constantly growing project. As of today, they’ve helped over 12,000 entrepreneurs turn their ideas into thriving businesses.

We continue our cooperation. Intersog’s team supports the platform and develops new updates on a regular basis.

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