Salus Telehealth

Native iOS, Android, and Web Video Chat Application for the World’s First Free-market Doctor Network

Salus Telehealth, Inc. is a full-service telehealth business that offers extensive telemedicine hardware and software solutions, including a D2C MedTech application.
Partnership period
Partnership period
Objective-C, Java, LAMP-based CMS, React, WebRTC, Linphone, HTML5/CSS3, PHP

The Product

Salus Telemedicine App is the world’s first mobile, free-market doctor network. The service is HIPAA-compliant and tailored to making healthcare more convenient, cost-effective, and transparent.

Telehealth connects patients and board-certified experts through telephone, mobile/web applications, video chats and more, making a consultation with a trusted specialist as easy as tapping a button. It empowers users to see their regular doctor even while abroad, eliminating the need for arranging long visits when all that is needed is a quick conversation.

It also provides doctors with the tools to improve their efficiency and expand their reach well beyond the surrounding area. It takes patient care to the next level and decreases the pressure on medical offices.


For Patients

  • Quick and easy search and video conferencing with a wide variety of Ivy-League board-certified experts in cardiology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, and more
  • Ability to make appointments and receive diagnoses, treatments, medications, or “second opinions” remotely
  • Ability to consult with a doctor immediately by connecting to specialists available at the moment
  • Segmentation by cost, specialization, area, practitioner/clinic or insurance network
  • Transfer of HD pictures and video before, during, or after consultation
  • Ability to upload documents and vitals to Salus server to help healthcare providers with diagnostic.
  • Ability to rate and leave comments about your doctor and about the app
  • HIPAA compliance and total privacy through patient data security

For Doctors and Psychologists

  • Earning supplemental income without insurance hassles
  • The opportunity to see patients from anywhere via a desktop or mobile device
  • Scheduling of online consultation hours and immediate appointments by changing availability status
  • Setup of desired rate-per-minute, offering patients discounts and free minutes
  • Ability to prescribe medication for patients online via integration with DoseSpot

You can download the latest version of the Salus Telemedicine App from iTunes and Google Play.

The History of Cooperation


The partnership between the companies started when Dr. Charles Butler approached Intersog with his idea of an innovative direct-to-consumer telemedicine application.

Intersog was one of a few companies that could provide talent capable of handling such an extraordinary challenge and implement the solution according to the client's vision. Development, QA testing, and support took a few months. As a result, our team successfully crafted native iOS and Android video chat apps which later become known as VideoMedicine.

The app became popular, literally, overnight when brand ambassadors Jason Ray and his wife Moon used their position as #1 and #2 in line to purchase the new iPhone to promote the App to mass media.


VideoMedicine was acquired by Salus TeleMedicine. The new company’s management was especially interested in upgrading the app, particularly the web version. They were highly satisfied with all the work done Intersog, extending the collaboration with our team and keeping us at the forefront of future updates.

In addition to D2C functionality, the service began to offer specialized solutions to their corporate clients, such as interface customization, advanced features, etc.


The partnership continues. Today, the team consists of 5 specialists (2 back-end and 1 front-end developers, QA engineer, and PM). Their core responsibilities include deployment of the latest updates, development of customized solutions for Salus partners, and integration with third-party platforms. The last major integration was with DoseSpot - a service that allows doctors to prescribe medication to their patients.

Pioneering digital health implies a great responsibility to be only taken jointly with the most reliable partners. For us, Intersog is such a partner indeed; professionalism, enthusiasm and deep understanding of our values – all wrapped into one.
Dr. Charles Butler, Founder, CEO


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