Northern Trust

Sophisticated Marketing and Target Audience Prospect Tool for a Global Financial Services Provider

The Northern Trust Corporation is a global financial services company with more than one hundred years of history. With HQ in Chicago, Northern Trust also has representative offices in 20 states and Washington, D.C., as well as Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Pacific Asia. The enterprise unites over 18,800 employees globally and serves the world’s wealthiest hedge funds, companies, and individuals.
Objective-C, LAMP based CMS, Omniture SiteCatalyst analytics


Northern Trust was aiming to create a modern marketing and target audience prospect tool that would help them grow their business and detect potential clients - those who have $10M+ to invest.

The main purposes of the solution were:

  • To educate and provide useful information to existing and potential clients
  • To identify the probability of an individual to be a target prospect through collecting and analyzing user data
  • To help Northern Trust create personalized content based on the user replies and interactions with the app
  • To cast a broad, cost-effective and productive net covering an extensive user base


Intersog developed a top-notch dynamic iPad application. It leads a user through personalized educational content on wealth management based on a user's views on lifestyle, family, financial, and philanthropy matters. By analyzing quizzes, Q&A's, contacts, and other user interactions with the app, Northern Trust is gathering valuable data helping it detect potential clients and deliver them the most useful content, thus boosting loyalty.

Key features:

  • Encrypted and highly secure data transmission
  • Sign up, sign in/authentication with a detailed user profile and ability to setup preferences;
  • Interactive and personalized advice on wealth and asset management;
  • A functional web-based CMS helping company deliver and manage a wide selection of articles, questionings, videos, podcasts, and other media;
  • Retirement Calculator;
  • Exceptional search functionality.

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