Dedicated Team for Germany’s IT Service Company

InnoMoS GmbH is a notable IT service vendor from Germany with a special focus on web and mobile apps development. Along with its outsourcing services, the company runs its own digital product: Coupons in Motion.

The product

Coupons in Motion is a mobile app that enables users to collect and organize coupons from local dealers on their iOS-based devices. Dealers, stores, and brand owners can use the app to run their own discount campaigns.

Key features:

  • Retrieve and redeem coupons directly from your phone or tablet
  • Arrange your coupons into lists
  • Search discount offers by location, categories, sub-categories, and distance
  • Get shop information and contacts
  • Get a report on your savings
  • Share your coupons via email, social media, and more.


InnoMos was looking for senior IT specialists to extend their team remotely within a very limited period of only 1 month. Additionally, they needed support resources to keep the platform up and running.

The client, from its side, had to manage all QA testing and PM activities and settle on a communication channel with a remote R&D team to facilitate and streamline their management.


Our HR team acquired top tech specialists for Innimos in the shortest time possible. Within a month, a powerful team consisting of 4 mobile developers (Android and iOS) and 1 web developer was introduced to the client.

In order to manage the project, we developed specific project management procedures. While most of the PM activities were done on the client's side, we provided a local specialist to assist them and control the development workflow.

Our manager worked 50% in the client’s office and 50% in the Ukrainian R&D Center. This allowed Intersog to shift engineers between teams without losing productivity, as the manager possessed all of the necessary project data.


Within the partnership period, we upgraded the platform with a refined interface design and dozens of new functionalities and features.
Due to updates implemented by Intersog's team, Coupons in Motion was ready to handle more projects for a wider array of clients.
As a result, they've grown their user base and acquired VIP-level clients such as McDonald's.

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