Advanced Insurance for AgriTech

Hybrid mobile app to protect growers against shallow yield losses

This U.S.-based Client (under NDA) is a leading provider of modern private insurance solutions for the agricultural sphere.
PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, Databases


The Client’s purpose was to build a comprehensive mobile app to help protect growers against shallow yield losses while retaining flexible insurance coverage that was clear, easy to use and understand, and fully tailored to their needs.

The company discovered Intersog through one of our current U.S. client’s recommendations. After negotiations and project estimation, Intersog was chosen as a software development partner, and our HR team began building a dedicated team for the project.


Since time-to-market was limited, the Client decided to build a hybrid mobile app that would run on both iOS and Android devices.

The core team, composed of the following 4 specialists, was located in our Ukrainian R&D office:

  • 2 mobile app developers
  • 1 project manager
  • 1 QA specialist

The project lasted 4 months. To speed up the process, temporary resources were added to assist with specific functions/features development and testing.


As a result of a successful collaboration, Intersog’s software development and testing team built and deployed a hybrid mobile solution to:

  • Help growers increase their yield protection and safeguard their revenues above what the Federal Crop Insurance program ( had to offer;
  • Protect growers’ businesses against shallow yields; and,
  • Provide farmers with a larger dependable safety net to sustain, manage, and grow their business as well as protect a larger portion of their profits to fuel their further growth.

The application unlocks the following opportunities for farmers and growers:

  • It provides flexible and customizable insurance coverage that can be adapted to specific business needs.
  • The simple and intuitive interface helps users clearly understand what they get with each plan.
  • Another level of protection is added to current risk management strategies.
  • It should increase users confidence in their ability to manage and grow their agritech business.

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